MDDT - Workshop Lagos (Nigeria)

Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet.
Lagos Workshop

- publication "Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet.
Context Study: Lagos & Addis Abeba"
- workshop planning / schedule together with Yewande Morris (Fabulous Urban, Lagos)
- participation in an on-site research workshop in Lagos (Nigeria) in the Ifelodun community in August 2018,
a collaboration between ABK Stuttgart, Fabulous Urban and Heinrich Boell Foundation Nigeria

- documentation, analysis and overall review of the workshop

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This interactive workshop was supposed to develop solutions to still unsolved issues of the Mobile Dry Diversion Toilet for an implementation in Lagos. These have to be developed specifically for every community (in this case the Ifelodun community), and are regarding product design as well as governance topics. These solutions can only be found when working hand-in-hand with members of the community, and only if they are willing to engage in a long-term process.

  • Day 01: introduction by Monika Umunna of hbs Nigeria, presentation of the project by Fabienne Hoelzel and Melissa Acker, translated by Yewande Morris
  • Day 02: discussion about unsolved issues and possible solutions within the community in a smaller group, including the Chief, the Chairman and the Baale of the Ifelodun community
  • Day 03: set-up of an in Lagos pre-manufactured mock-up, discussion and later transport and set-up of the mock-up on-site within the community
  • Day 04: further development of the prototype on-site
  • Day 05: final presentation with more community members invited, inauguration of the mock-up on-site

photographs: Melissa Acker
on the pictures: Fabienne Hoelzel and Yewande Morris (Fabulous Urban), Melissa Acker, the Chief of Ifelodun community, the Chairman of Ifelodun community, Baale of Ifelodun community, several community members of Ajeromi-Ifelodun community, 3 professionalists