Lilly was designed for the installation „REGATTA", within the exhibition series "Design Now!", based on water basins in the EnBW City foyer in Stuttgart, Germany.

The main idea of Lilly is to support the contemporary trend of homely designed offices, where plants certainly play a role and foyers should appeal very welcoming.

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baby plants in bathing ring
Lilly is basically consisting of a styropor ring, derived from the archetype of a bathing ring, with baby plants in its centre.

spider plant sprigs
As plant sprigs of Corophytum comosum, commonly known as spider plant, were chosen. It is the stereotype of office plants, which arises out of their ease of care and robustness. The sort is nearly indestructible and their sprigs can survive for a very long time in water.

fishernet mesh
Drawing an analogy to a fishernet, the sprigs are embedded in a textile mesh, which holds them in position in their „boat".

mirror sail
To have a sail, wherewith the boat can be drifting around with help of ventilators, a silver metallic fabric is stretched over a circular formed aluminum wire. It is put in a certain angle over the plants, so that it reflects the plants themselves and beams light onto them. This makes an exciting mirror image on the inside, as well as the reflection of water on the outside.