"cosy" is a cooperation of 3 intelligent products, which is supposed to help seniors with pet-keeping and make it low-risk. Target are alone at home living seniors with little pursuit, who wish for a furry companion but are deterrent by the upcoming
responsibility. Seniors, who can still go for a walk but are frightend to tumble.

system operates in background
The system operates in the background. The user does not have any additional tasks in comparison to an ordinary pet keeper, except for wearing the assurance device, which is so flat that it can be worn under your clothes.

intelligent emergency system
It is emergency system and reminder at same time. It provides security for the wearer in handling of their pet and counteracts loneliness in seniority by creating a basis for a cohabitation of human and pet.

The feeling of being needed is strengthened and the person gets occupation.

with Nina Kraus

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communication between products
"cosy" consists of a wearable smart device for the senior and two supportive, intelligent products: pet bowl and pet collar. Both communicate with the assurance device.

assurance device
smart device worn by senior

The products are designed ergonomically and senior-friendly to cope with the target group at the best.

The lanyard is length-adjustable and has a round profile, so that it won't cut into the wearer's neck.

intelligent pet collar

Available in two sizes to fit every dog or cat. The collar checks the pet's
condition three times a day by
taking its body-temperature and
pulse. In adddition there is a GPS-chip for geolocation. Made out of nylon/ polyamide for flexibility and easy cleaning.

intelligent pet bowl

Available in two sizes to fit every dog or cat. The bowl checks the pet's eating behaviour (and therefore its health) with help of an incorporated scale.