Melissa studied Industrial Design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, where she graduated with a diploma in 2019.

After studying only one year, she started working in different fields of design, which has helped her to constantly learn something new and get different perspectives on the design business.  

She gained knowledge in different international companies like Festo AG, Adam Opel AG and the product design studio IDAID, and is currently employed as a Retail Designer at DFROST Retail Identity. In addition to the day-to-day customer projects, she has learned a lot regarding market research, customer research and analysis, development of personas and transforming insights into consumer-centric experiences and brand spaces. Furthermore she is in charge of researching and implementing sustainable alternatives to the commonly used materials in the retail sector. 

She always wanted to approach "design that matters" - projects that create value and have a positive social or ecological impact. She always wants to explore the whole context around a product and justify decisions on design with facts from research and analysis in addition to looks. She learned a lot taking interdisciplinary classes in urban design to again get different perspectives on design topics and different levels of research: from on-desk and literature, field research, observation and documentation, to participatory methods such as interviews and coordination as well as collaborative workshops.

Not only in the professional field she likes to explore - in her time off she loves travelling to get to know other cultures and witness the different breathtaking landscapes our world has (yet) to offer. 






• Green Concept Award | Selection 2018 (2x)
• Creative Conscience Award | Shortlist 2018
• Competitionline Campus Award | Winner 2018
• campusWELTbewerb | Winner of the year 2017 at the Award for Global Sustainability at Universities in Baden-Württemberg


• 2018 | Green Concept Award @ Designers' Open Leipzig, Germany
• 2017 |"REGATTA" as part of the exhibition series "Design now!" at EnBW City Headquarter Stuttgart, Germany
• 2014-2018 | RUNDGANG @ Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Germany

Publications / Clippings

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• „Green Trends & Styles". Edition No. 5. Green Product Award. 2018.

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