This mobile cookshop was developed based on the dish "Chia Pudding", which is made out of chia seeds and vegetable milk. Chia-Seeds are cultivated in South America - long time ago they have been staple food for Maya and Aztecs. Today they count to the group of "Superfoods" because of their excellent nutrient balance.

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arbor-mounted shelf
To put the colourful ingredients in focus they are put in a shelf at eye level - as common for spices. It is arbor-mounted and enables a compact wheeled cart. The rack-struts simultaneously operate as handles for moving the cookshop.

the dish
The dish consists of a chia pudding base, on which fruit puree, and toppings such as nuts, spices, herbs and syrup add it up to a healthy, refreshing and nutritious dessert. It is served in glasses to show the layering of ingredients.

hardware components
The basis of the design is derived from a storage method of chia seeds: Mason Jars. They ensure transparency for the customer, as well as a nice aesthetic appearance because all the different and colourful ingredients can be seen. The use of waste glass brings in the cookshop-typical improvising, simplicity and inexpensiveness.